Aaron’s Big Secret:

Or… What to order at Drynk.

When Drynk opened on Wilton Drive a few years back, many were bewildered, as The Drive, as it is affectionately known, already had a plethora of drinking establishments. So what were they to do to draw in their share of Wilton Manors’ mostly gay clientele? Hire handsome bartenders for starters. Then instead of warmed-over, two-for-one drink specials, Drynk opted to glam up the premises and inch towards “curated cocktails.”  

The end result has been a resounding success, and even now, the bar does a brisk business as the majority of its seating is (thankfully) out of doors. Tables out front and a little terrace to the left of the entry are literally just a hint of things to come.

Pouring at Drynk’s garden bar, Aaron Adams gets ready to shake up a Passion Fruit Martini.  Photo: Myro Rosky

Thinking of going? Walk straight through the bar, exit the rear door and be transported into a garden of delights. Comfortable seating, happy customers, tropical foliage and umbrellas dot this space and at the far end, if you come on the right nights, you’ll find Aaron whipping up his specialties. 

One of his best is the Passion fruit Martini, and we wrangled the recipe out of him. So, if you have Effen Vodka, passion fruit purée, fresh lime juice, orange juice and Triple Sec lying around the house, you can try to recreate this nectar of the gods. If not, you can just come visit Aaron.

Passion Fruit Martini

Pour into shaker: 

1.5 oz Effen Vodka, 

1oz passion fruit purée, 

.25oz fresh lime juice, 

.25oz orange juice, 

.25oz triple sec. 

Add ice and shake for 30 seconds. 

Strain into a chilled martini glass and 

garnish with a fresh-sliced lime wheel.


Drynk is located at 2255 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors, and can be found online at DrynkFTL.com