Now Open: Cyth & Co.

Cyth & Co. had just finished renovations at the old Switchbox coffeehouse site when – you guessed it – Covid hit. How does a business that thrives on a culture of gathering and camaraderie stay afloat when everyone is sealed away at home? 

That conundrum hit most food venues like a ton of bricks. But nimble Cyth & Co. was not going to see their dream squashed without a fight.  Using Facebook and 

Instagram, they kept people obsessed with their flatbreads and quiches and muffins through alluring photography, and made it a snap to order for pick-up or delivery.

With things just a little more relaxed today, Cyth & Co. beats out the competition not only because magic seems to emerge from its kitchen, but because they have a huge 

terrace for breezy, open air dining. And let’s face it, Covid or no Covid, that’s what people come to Florida for. Save the air conditioned dining rooms for Indiana… we’ll take the table over there with the umbrella, thank you very much. 

If you venture to Cyth & Co., even just for a macchiato and a bacon & cheddar scone, you might get hooked. Come Sunday morning for a cortado, and one of their mouthwatering hash brown waffles, and that chance of being hooked goes up exponentially. Peaceful and off the beaten path, we think Cyth & Co is here to stay.