Natural Selection:

Wallpapers that work for South Florida

Since the first, machine-printed wallpaper made its debut in France in 1785, its imagery has run the gamut from heraldic patterns of the mid-19th century to supergraphics of the early 1970s. But no matter how far out on a limb its designers seemed to reach for inspiration, they always return, or so it seems, to the comforts of nature. 

In this issue, ISLAND has selected just a few wallpapers from around the globe that we think might work well – when installed judiciously, of course – here in South Florida. Need to jumpstart a space in your home? Then use this as a jumping off point… if you dare.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Often looking like they were born from etchings found in a 19th century entomology textbook, many of the patterns from Abnormals Anonomous draw from wildlife, then make it shine. You can order online easily at  Jungle Palm from Missprint offers a stylized banana leaf pattern in 32’ long rolls.  Also from Missprint, a pattern known as Guatemala After Dark was derived from reverse-printed Monstera leaves and comes in six colorways.
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: You’d might think a company named 
Mind The Gap would have to be based in London, but you’d be wrong.  Located in Romania, this design and supply company nonetheless offers up a terrific, whimsical collection of wallcoverings including the pattern Exotic Fishes in a handful of colorways. You can order through Wallpaper Store Miami at 2347 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. Phone 786.703.6657. A Japanese-influenced wallcovering from All Modern flips an ancient ocean wave pattern, making it undeniably contemporary and naming it Decowave. Purchase through   We discovered the whimsical patterns of Missprint a few years back at the London Design Festival.  Shown here: Little Trees in a color they’ve named kernal. Order online and they will ship to the United States.
Printed on grasscloth, Mr. Blow from Abnormals Anonomous adds a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor. Order at