ISLAND Libations


text Sybil Robert

Forget the mishegas of the election, for us, the real October Surprise was the closing (temporary, they claim) of Mai Kai, the 65-year old temple of tiki. Steeped in a rich history of American popular culture, this Charles McKirahan-designed mecca of madness probably sold enough rum over the decades to fill a small lake. Gone –– for now –– anyway, are Mai Kai’s exotic specialties such as the Jet Pilot, Black Magic and of course their Barrel O’ Rum.

After a month of wearing customary mourning clothes, we blew out the votives and decided to look for a couple places, outdoors, of course, where we could still order drinks made with that –– quite literally –– intoxicating liquid that arrived from the Caribbean islands centuries ago.

Kaluz, located at 3300 E Commercial Blvd, is positioned nicely dur- ing our era of the never-ending pandemic, as much of its seating is outdoors. And what an outdoors it is. Come for dinner and enjoy a big plate of crispy calamari, sip a Fig Old Fashioned made with Ron Zacapa rum and fig liqueur and while the evening away watching yachts float by on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Rusty Hook Tavern at 125 N. Riverside Dr. in Pompano sits at the end of a sheltered harbor with long water views, Dine on their covered terrace, the perfect spot for to sip the Trouble Maker: coconut rum, lime, fresh basil and banana liqueur.