Dining Al Fresco:

Tulio’s Tacos & Tequila

There’s an unassuming little section of Wilton Drive that truly has a lot to offer when it comes to dining out. Within a walkable stretch, one can find Italian, Nicaraguan, Thai, Greek, Japanese and more. Those on the go can get homemade gelato, vegan pastries, grilled cheese, even Middle Eastern chicken shawarma. The latest to join this festival of foods? Tulio’s Taco & Tequila Bar. Located on the ground floor of the Gables Wilton Park residences, Tulio’s takes full advantage of the area’s super-wide sidewalks with both umbrella-shaded dining and 40 feet of outdoor dining under protective canopies.  The owners of Tulio’s reworked the space, replacing awkward doors and sealed windows with “concertina” doors that fold away completely, allowing the entire establishment to be open air. Inside and out the atmosphere is one of much-needed fun, and after several successful visits with great food and attentive service, Tulio’s has made it onto our regular rotation… and that’s saying something. 

From left to right: shrimp, chicken and carnitas tacos. 

As many first-time diners order what seems familiar, Tulio’s chicken or beef tacos are big. (They are perfect here, the chicken served with crispy lettuce, pico de gallo, fresh avocado and chipotle mayo, while the beef mix it up with bacon, pico de gallo, sour cream, Mexican cheese and lettuce.) By their 2nd or 3rd visit, staff told us mkany diners branch out to the shredded pork carnitas tacos, or the grouper tacos.  The latter are absolutely mouthwatering, filled with crispy grouper and topped with chopped purple cabbage, sour pickled onion, pico de gallo, all drizzled with an avocado jalapeno crema.  For lighter fare, we like both the blackened chicken lettuce wraps and the shrimp and grouper ceviche. For a vegetarian option, Tulio’s offers up tacos made with roasted Portobello mushrooms or crispy cauliflower.

Breezy, outdoor seating on Wilton Drive. 
More Margaritas than you can shake a stick at.

Delighted by our dinner experience, we came back on the weekend for brunch. Sitting at a shaded, breezy outdoor table we each sipped an Aperol Spritz and while one of us munched on simple breakfast quesadillas with fresh avocado, the other downed a stack of lemon ricotta pancakes.  Both the quesadillas and the pancakes arrived with a plentiful portion of mixed berries. Unlike the ordinary cup of unripened melon cubes with an occasional wilted berry thrown in for color, Tulio’s gives diners a bowl filled with absolutely fresh raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and bananas. Like the entire experience, it was nothing less than terrific. I hope the staff at Tulio’s likes regulars, because they are going to have more than just a few. 


Tulio’s Tacos & Tequila

2150 Wilton Drive

Wilton Manors, FL